January 25, 2010

Weather and Work

Last week was a week full of rain, thunder, lightening and tons of wind! That picture there is of me in Shell Beach, California in Dinosaur Caves park area... we went for a little drive because we heard the waves were getting up to 25 feet!! Yeah, they were huge! The water was an ugly brown too! YUCK!
I like the rain because it is good for the earth and all but its not good for my work! No, No, No! It gets in the way of me working. Partially because my studio is a disaster and its hard to work inside, and my outside area is covered - but, because of the wind, it still gets wet inside. It was kind of a pain. So anyway, I am looking forward to SPRING!


  1. My niece is living there now with her small son Raphael. I love the sunsets there and you know what? I remember the dinosaur! Pieces of it anyways- it was starting to crumble when I was a kid. I think we have talked about the face that I was raised in that area... love the pic.
    Makes me homesick..

  2. aww. Sorry to make you homesick, but glad to bring back good memories. :)