March 26, 2012

SAVE THE COCKS! Charity fund raising! PLUS coupon!

I am happy to announce this weeks coupon/charity! It has to do with a new charity I found in my area called Save the Cocks! Sounds kind of naughty - but its not, I promise! It's a special charity for roosters! I personally have a big heart for roosters having saved one myself. They are very friendly birds and are often sadly euthanized because they have no where to go. People tend to not want them around because they are quite noisy! But reading up on the Save the Cocks website I am learning that there are ways around that. At this rooster sanctuary their goal is to help raise awareness for these magnificent birds and find a job for them so they aren't looked over and given away or euthanized. For example it is said that they are great for all natural pest control on farms or in orchards, or vineyards! Now that's awesome! Get rid of poisonous pesticide and save lovely rooster lives at the same time! A misconception about roosters is that they will fight with each other when there are more than one around, but that seems to be only when the hens (female chicken) are around, they get "cocky"! But when there are no hens around they will get right down to business cleaning up pests around the grounds.
I am so excited about this charity, and so happy to help them out! Here is where you come in. You can help them out on your own here. Or you can do a little shopping with me and help them out at the same time! I am offering a 25% off coupon this week, PLUS I am giving 25% of profits to Save the Cocks!! But that's not it! If you purchase anything in my shop that has a bird on it (See examples below) you will get 35% off, and I'll donate 35% to the charity!! Lets do this!
To get coupon codes and be a part of this fantastic charity, please subscribe to my email list here. I promise no spam, I don't like that stuff just as much as you!

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February 4, 2012


Who wants to win this necklace? To enter all you have to do is join my mailing list here: ~~ I will draw a winner using on Friday Feb 10th!! Good luck everyone! - oh and please share this with your friends/family/on your blog/facebook/twitter. If anyone you know joins you will get another entry into the contest - you just have to let me know the name of the person who joined because of you! Thanks!