January 21, 2010

A Special Gift

Last month I was involved in EtsyVeg's secret santa gift exchange. Everyone was paired with another EtsyVeg member.... I was paired with the wonderful Rachel of Ravissant! She sent me one of the most divine pieces... it was like she had known me forever! She picked something out that fit me pretty much exactly. We did give a little info about ourselves before the gift exchange, but still, she did a great job! We could either give them something we made or something we bought. Lucky me - she gave me a beautiful tote that she made! It is pictured above - beautifully crafted and just super cool. I love it. Thanks so much Ravissant!

This is quoted from her Etsy Shop:"ravissant is a boutique full of one-of-a-kind creations made with love and with quality materials: most sustainable, some organic, some up-cycled, some vintage, all beautiful! :o) " I love what she stands for. Enjoy these photos of more of her work and visit her shop if you get a chance: Ravissant!

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  1. Ravissant is the best shop on Etsy!!

    followed closely by:


    I suggest anyone reading this comment, clear out the entire stock before it sells out!