January 13, 2011

Inspired from a Walk

I went on a walk today with my hubby. We go almost everyday.... ahh the joys of both working at home. We went on this little dirt path over by a park near my house and I kept noticing glass shards on the ground, so of course I kept picking them up. It seems that this area is sort of hidden off the regular path so youngsters or the homeless probably go here with beer or liquor and leave after breaking the evidence. HAHA! Anyway, I just couldn't resist picking every piece of glass up off the ground I saw and my husband got in on the action, too! I am addicted to glass shards! So this glass has gone from one persons naughty habit to the next! And now I shall create beauty from them! See my shop for the latest creations - I have over 100 that I'll be adding slowly, so check back everyday! Here is just a snippet of what you'll find: