January 19, 2010

its that time again... Blog Time!

Just wanted to post a little something about my friend Cher... she is the fabulous designer of my blog. She created the tree above.... makes me smile. I love it. She is also a HUGE Lean Dog fan.... no seriously, HUGE! GIANT! The best! She probably owns more pieces of Lean Dog stuff than I do... haha! She started this new thing called "Lean Dog Traveling Pendant". She takes photos of herself wearing a Lean Dog pendant... its fantastic! She really is great! See the post here. Anyway. She is also a great designer.... as you can see above. She read me perfectly and designed it.

Other than that, Lean Dog is currently creating tons of new stuff... we just got to get that kiln working again. I'm looking for a kiln technician in the Central Coast area of California!! I only know of one who is probably 4 hours away! That might be costly! We will see... until then, creating is what I do, and listing some stuff that just hasn't been listed yet.... surprises that will arrive daily! Keep Checking Back!

Oh and from today until Thursday I am having a 20% off sale!! WOOHOO! Just because I think my customers are great and I decided to have a little fun sale!

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  1. Scheduled next is the battle field at Gettysburg, a Moroccan restaurant with belly dancers and maybe a Black Hawk Ride. We shall see...I never know what will happen in my world. I challenge anyone to a Lean Dog Duel! Bring it on it! Future posts can be found at my site at www.designbyravenmuse.com, go the the blog.