September 16, 2009

upcycle your recycles!

Being a part of Etsy has been a great thing for me. I have met TONS of awesome people on there! A lot from groups I have joined. One group that is my favorite is EtsyVeg. Full of people who make animal friendly crafts! Full of love! Anyway. There is challenges monthly or so and one coming up is "Upcycle Your Recycling Challenge". Basically you are matched up with another team member and you send that team member 5 pieces of recyclable material and they send to you, and you turn those pieces into a work of art! Sounds exciting to me! I love the challenge. 
I took a class at San Francisco State called Art for Children and it was full of fun projects like this. It seems that we forget our creativity lengths when we become adults and its fun to challenge yourself and try something new! Once I am done I'll post photos of both the items and then them made into a work of art! :)

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