April 7, 2011


Last night while withering in my boredom I stumbled upon Heartsy. It's this fabulous site which happened to start up (appropriately) on Valentines Day 2011. They offer buyers 'out of this world' deals on featured Etsy stuff! Basically they sell vouchers towards featured Etsy shops for 50% off and up!! Amazing deals/steals! The way your shop can get featured is you have to submit 5 photos and fill out your name/email/website. They then post your photos up for a vote from anyone in the Heartsy community (thats me and could be you if you want) and if you get 30 votes saying "Yes, I definitely would buy this" then you move on to the next stage where Heartsy reviews your submission. If they pick your shop, you will negotiate a deal and a time and then your deal goes up for everyone to grab! I've noticed they have time limits on these deals as well as a limited amount of deals they offer. From my research of the shops involved I have noticed they sell a KILLING! Sure its at 50% + of their regular prices, but if you sell a lot its kind of similar to wholesaling and if your prices are priced right for wholesaling it shouldn't be a problem for you.
So, I submitted my work this morning and already reached my 30 votes. This does NOT guarantee I'll be featured, but we shall see. And if I do get featured, look out for some major steals people!!!! I'll keep you posted. You can still vote for me here. Thanks!


  1. Hey, Did you end up getting selected? I just discovered Heartsy yesterday and wondered if it's worth trying.

  2. HI Suzanne, sorry, I just noticed this comment. I did get accepted but decided to turn them down. I didn't like the "deal" they were trying to get me to do. Something seemed shady about the whole thing. I decided I would hold off for now. I think it can be a good deal for some. Depends on your situation. Good luck if you try it!