February 2, 2011

February is LOVE month.

Did you know that in each Etsy shop you can do a search inside that shop for anything you want. You would use the search box up top (make sure "this shop" is in the drop down menu) and type in what you're searching for. For example: specific colors, shapes, item type, dimensions, etc. It all depends on what that artist wrote up in their tags, description and title of the items. Go ahead to my shop and do a search for anything you'd like here: LeanDogPottery If you are a shop owner you should definitely take advantage of this awesome marketing technique. Use all the tags and be sure to add a detailed description of your item including dimensions. The buyer wants to know all they can about an item before purchasing.

Everybody knows Valentines day is February 14th and that is the day to share love with your main squeeze! February has always been a month full of hearts, love, pink, roses, candy, perfume and cuddling! Doing a search in my shop for the word "heart" came up a lot of items! This posting shows just a few examples to get you in the mood for this month full of love! Click here for the 27 items I have in my shop that come up when searching "heart".

Happy love month everyone!

And by the way, I wanted to point out this during the month of February, Lean Dog will be giving away 10% of sales to The Feline Network of San Luis Obispo! So not only will you get your beautiful new jewelry/pottery - but you'll also be helping kitties in need. ♥

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