November 18, 2009

Featured Artist: Kara Kathleen

Today I am doing my first "featured artist" post. I am doing it on an artist on Etsy named Kara Kathleen . She is actually my husbands cousin and we received a beautiful wedding gift from her. It was a watercolor painting of our cats! It is such a beautiful piece and she did a wonderful job portraying them. The detail she puts into her art is amazing! Here it is here in a frame we bought:

It is slightly hard to see the beauty close up, so please visit her website for more detail in her work.

Kara is a very crafty lady. She has two other shops on Etsy. In one of them she is also known as The Cake Artist. There you will find adorable fondant cake toppers and some baked goods.

The other shop is called Sweet Little Birdie where you can find handmade children's clothing and cute little "pocket buddies". Shown below is a Night Before Christmas Lounge Set and you choose the pocket buddy you want.

I highly recommend checking out her work. She's an amazing creator. Keep up the good work Kara!!

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